Shtayim PR is a public relations and content marketing agency founded in 2011.

Our content-led approach to PR combines storytelling and innovative thinking, backed by data. We help businesses and brands turn their innovation into stories that build a solid foundation for market leadership and growth.

At Shtayim PR, we’ve practiced integrated strategic communications. The fundament of our team and rigorous content development process brings our clients’ stories to market in the most impactful way. We use a mix of earned stories, social media, content marketing, amplification techniques, and analytics to help technology brands go beyond the expected. We are based in Europe, the Middle East, and the USA.



Shtayim Consulting and Management is a consulting and management company. As a digital company, a large part of our work is done with the help of communicative technologies. At SHTAYIM PR, we firmly believe that our approach to management and consulting services is the best way for companies to maintain constant contact with our highly qualified team of consultants. Since 2011 we are proud to be as relevant, agile and mobile as possible.

Although much of our project-related work is done in person, the ability to contact us through digital technology gives us the opportunity to better serve our customers when we’re not with them. In our minds, modern companies are successful if they have smooth operations, and here at SHTAYIM PR, we offer just that.